A Creative, Collaborative Adventure.


Designer and rebellious spirit, Megan, started Eclectic Hearts after surviving the worst year of her life. She called on her closest friends, freelancers and hobby artists to create a subscription art service that celebrates life’s spontaneity and seeing beauty in all. Megan curates the collection to ensure that all the pieces are inspiring, beautiful, eclectically cohesive and, most importantly, that they’re something nobody would hesitate to frame and hang on the walls of their homes.

Being a lifelong art enthusiast and practiced interior decorator herself, Megan wanted to find a way to marry these two passions in a fun and collaborative way. After studying fine art and interior design in college, and spending several years working in both commercial and residential design – she finally felt she had the confidence and knowledge to share her expertise in a new and exciting way. 

Megan, like so many of us, spent years obsessing over the trending art décor sold at stores like Target and TJ Maxx, but once she got out of the dorm rooms and apartments and purchased her first home - she started to feel a disconnect. These 'things' just didn’t feel special enough to be part of her everyday life, there were no stories or inspiration tied to the pieces that filled her walls – and so, Eclectic Hearts was born.

Eclectic Hearts was established to celebrate the fact that we should feel proud of our homes - as they're a direct reflection of ourselves and, most importantly, serve as our own personal place of refuge. When you subscribe to Eclectic Hearts you can find joy in knowing that the art displayed in your home comes from real people, who put time, energy & love into each single piece – people like the friendly artist you met at the Farmer’s Market, the mom who works full time, raises kids AND creates in the late hours where she actually finds a few minutes of free time, the art student who dreams of making a living doing what they truly love. 

We hope you’ll celebrate originality, connectivity and Boycotting Boring Walls with us!